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Anonymous asked: where do you see yourself in a few years? how do you think you'll keep growing, if at all?

I have plans to expand over the next few years. I’m not in a rush though.

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about ferrets?

I cried when Kodo and Podo died in Beastmaster. That’s pretty much the beginning and end of ferrets in my life. 

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kayrawrite asked: Is PTFE unsafe for fresh piercings? I see A LOT of instances nearly every day (tumblr pics, YouTube videos, etc.) where piercers install it as initial jewelry. Personally, I figured anything but titanium wouldn't be ideal? Just wondering.

I wrote up a short post about PTFE on the safepiercing tumblr a few weeks ago. 

The material itself is ok, its actually an approved material for initial piercing by APP standards. Now the material might be tolerated by the skin, but the application is be the issue. PTFE barbells are externally threaded, which I won’t use on anyone, especially in a new piercing. Also PTFE can scratch just as easily as plastic. One little scratch or knick and its going to tear up your piercing and cause some good scarring. Some piercers think that flexible jewelry is good for surface piercings, but those are mostly the ones who aren’t great at making surface piercings heal long term. 

In short, its not great. Some piercers use it because its cheaper than titanium. I don’t think anyone who can afford nicer jewelry would ever choose ptfe over a titanium surface bar from Anatometal. 

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Anonymous asked: What is yr stance on smoking weed?

I don’t do it myself, but I consider it to be the same as drinking. If you can do it responsibly then why should anyone care.