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Anonymous asked: I have always loved bridge piercings. I used to have one but I had to take it out as it was growing out and scaring. I have gone to get it done again but opted out as they've been really unprofessional. One guy said they couldnt pierce with an internally threaded piece because it causes more bacteria to a fresh wound and that I could just change it later. Long story I dont have much skin on my bridge so is that why it is impossible without rejection? I have been told its a short term piercing.

That all sounds like bullshit excuses from inexperienced piercers to me (personal page not safepiercing). When a piercer says they can’t pierce you with you internal thread jewelry for some odd reason its because they are not personally capable of piercing you with internally threaded jewelry (either they don’t carry it or don’t know how to use it). Don’t blame yourself for wanting quality.

It is possible that you don’t have the anatomy for a bridge, but it might also be that the piercers you have gone to simply do not know how to properly pierce a bridge. Take a wider look in your area, see if there are any APP members in your region. If not check out this brochure on how to find a good piercer. 


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Anonymous asked: I have a healed cartilage piercing that I tried adding two other piercings under it which were done wrong and weren't healing, so I went to a shop and the piercer took them out for me, now there's scars there. But I'd like to get them done again, and the piercer said my original cartilage piercing is a little wonky so if I let that one close up will there be a noticeable scar? Thanks!

I would need to see your ear in person to give you specifics. Sometimes piercings leave scars, yes. Find a good piercer in your area and have them take a look at your ear in person and give you suggestions and input.